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Times are tough right now. Everyone is feeling it. But no matter how bad you think it is, there are those who have even less. Hope for family is made up of people who care, people like you. We are opening our hearts and our wallets to help others less fortunate. And we need your help.

Your gift of $25 can buy shoes for a child; $50 will fo to feed a child for a week; $100 will go towards shelter for a week; and $500 keeps them warm for a month. Please Give what you can; every dollar helps our overall mission to help families and make a difference. We cannot do it alone.

Click DONATE below to make your contirbution via PAY PAL, or call 1-866-531-5442 to use your credit card. You may also send a check, payable tp Hope for Family, Inc to P.O. Box 176 Elmwood Park, NJ 07307. All contributions are tax deductible.