IN 2014, HOPE FOR FAMILY made great strides. We have had at least 3 fundraisers in which we raised money for families. Most of the proceeds were distributed out at the events to help families for food, clothing and rent assistance. Recipients were visibly moved with emotions. Some of these pictures are posted on gallery.

Mission: To lift up families and youths from hardship situation; harnessing and nurturing their skills to their own full potential and gain self-sufficiency for self and society.

Hope For Family shares in the belief that, we are blessed to be a blessing in peoples lives, especially those in need. Helping and teaching families in need is our core vision, believing that our families will acquire new skills and coping mechanism that will ultimately lead to their ability to prosper on their own and become self-sufficient, needing less reliance on someone else.

Working with churches, community centers, and other organizations, we will identify those in need and who seem to “fall through the cracks” of the larger organizations and are not receiving the assistance they so desperately need. These are often broken families, single parents who are sick, women and children who are physically abused, and the list goes on. Some of these families lack life’s basic necessities. We are committed to provide food, clothing, personal items, and shelter to those who need it most.

Hope for family is also planning to provide educational tools and training in an attempt to provide young people the skills they need to become self-sufficent. We will help them to get out of the poverty cycle and provide hope for a better life so that one day, they can pay it forward.

Hope for family is a 501 (C) 3 organization.